Early magic video - People often ask me how long I have been performing magic. Well here is a short film of my first attempts at magic in 1958, you do the math. Not very good magic but even the longest journey starts with one step.
International Brotherhood of Magicians - The world's largest organization for Magicians.
www.LanceBurton.com - Web site of Master Magician, Lance Burton.
www.McBrideMagic.com - Web site of Jeff McBride, very innovative magician.
www.QuebolaMagic.com - My magical friends Ariel Morales and Rochelle Allison.
www.CanadianAssociationOfMagicians.com - All Canadian Magicians from across Canada
Marriage Commissioner - This is my other job.
www.jdrf.ca - Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
www.magicforall.com - Link to lots of magic information
www.chrisboar.com - This is one of my favourite photographers. Chris has taken many great wedding pictures where I have been either the marriage commissioner or the magician at the reception (or both). Check him out!